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Facebook Gets A Speed Boost In Latest Update….No Seriously Its Faster Now

December 13, 2012

Facebook 2.0 for Android gets a new speed boost in latest update

One of biggest gripes that Android users have been having with Facebook’s official Android app is that is was slow. We’re talking an ant moving through molasses kind of slow…well maybe not that slow but it wasn’t fast until now. Facebook pushed an update through today that brings a crisper adjustment to the UI and greatly boosts the speed in its performance. Facebook for Android 2.0 now has a “New Stories” bar that shows up whenever you get a new status update on your timeline. They’ve also made adjustments to the commenting loading speed, making commenting along with viewing pictures incredibly faster than the previous version. Here’s the full changelog for Facebook for Android 2.0 below:

  •  News feed and your Timeline load faster
  •  Photos open with a tap so you can quickly like and comment
  • New Stories bar lets you see more stories without refreshing

If there was ever a time to be impressed with the progress Facebook has been making with its official Android app then this might be the time to pop some bubbly. The improvements are nice and the new speed is pretty sweet to boot. Even folks in the comment section in the Google Play Store are showing the new update some love. If you haven’t updated your Facebook app just yet then go ahead and update and let us know what you think. I think you’ll like the new speed.

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