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Swiftkey Flow Keyboard Beta Released And Ready For Download

December 6, 2012

For those that don’t know, Swiftkey has been working on adding their own version of a “swipe-like” feature to their own keyboard. Dubbing it Swiftkey Flow, they are now sending out emails to those that initially signed up to try the newly released beta version of the keyboard. Swiftkey keyboard was already one of my favorite keyboards in the Google Play Store to use and now that it’s adding a swiping feature this will only make Swiftkey better. If you tried to download the beta version of Swiftkey earlier today after you received your respective emails but couldn’t get it, don’t worry. Swiftkey reported via their Twitter account that due to the popularity of the app and the news of the beta being released for download, their servers couldn’t handle the mass numbers of downloads. Fortunately everything is back to normal now so you should be able to go and download it now (I just downloaded it and gave it a little test drive before this post).

So far after tinkering with the Swiftkey Flow beta keyboard, I have to say I like it. I haven’t been a real fan of Swipe so I’ve been using the FlexT9 keyboard that I was able to grab from the Amazon appstore to get my swipe fix. With the Flow beta I can get the best of both worlds. I get the precision of typing the keys and a smooth, fast response when using the swipe feature. I don’t feel like I have to move back when trying to make words with the swipe feature and it adjusts quickly to the words it thinks you are trying to make. If you do end up getting a word you weren’t looking for you can still backspace and it will bring up any possible corrections that you might be looking for.

Make sure to check your email accounts to see if you’ve gotten the link to download it. Swiftkey has also made the beta available for tablet users as well as snails users so whatever your twist is, download it and give it a try. I’ll post a link to those that are having trouble finding a working download below.

Swiftkey Flow for smartphones

Swiftkey Flow for tablets

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