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Carbon Developers Say New Twitter App Arrive In Google Store THIS Week

July 24, 2012

Carbon For Android press release via Google+

There’s nothing like the promise of getting something new and free and this week it’s Carbon, a new Twitter application that’s making its way to the Google Play Store. If you have been looking around for the WebOS created third party twitter client over the weekend and noticed that it wasn’t in the Google Play Store then you were correct because it wasn’t published yet. That’s because the Carbon devs never published the app over the weekend. Why you might ask? Well that’s because they stated in their press release via Google Plus that they would be publishing the new Twitter App “the week of the 22nd“, that essentially means not Sunday.

While we can be upset at ourselves for this oversight, we now have to wait for the week to move forward to find out when they will indeed publish the app. The Carbon devs have said via Twitter that they will inform everyone when they push that publish button on the app. Carbon has been recently hyped up due to the fact that it will be bringing premium features of Twitter for free. That combined with the success that it received while on WebOS powered devices makes this app highly sought after in the Google Play Store.

While we were hoping for a late weekend release, we can still look forward to a release sometime this week. Want to stay up to date with the developers of Carbon then feel free to follow them on Twitter @CarbonAndroid to stay up on Carbon news.

Source: CarbonAndroid (Twitter)

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