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The Nexus One Still Kicking, Gets New Jelly Bean To Boot

July 20, 2012

The Nexus One LIVES!

If you’re a “Nexus” owner, you hope that your going to always get he latest and greatest from Google. But the Nexus One device is kind of old so it’s more than likely Google has stopped pushed updates to it. But developers aren’t stopping the gravy train just yet. XDA developers having been trying to port ICS to the device since the source code was released and now they have reported that a pre-alpha ROM has made its way to the Nexus One.

A XDA developer by the name of Texasice has been working on bringing a stable pre-alpha ROM to the Nexus One and so far the builds have been running pretty smoothly. Here’s what’s working on the pre-alpha ROM so far:

Usb Mass storage
HWA is a bit slow. But working fine for now.

Because these are just pre-alpha builds there are still plenty of bugs to make this not something to be used on the daily but it is good to see that the ol’ Nexus is still kicking and developers haven’t kicked it to the side. Once the alpha ROMS become more stable, it’s only a matter of time before a solid ROM makes it easy to the Nexus One. So stayed tuned and don’t throw it away just yet. 

Source: XDA

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