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Tip: The Droid Charge Can take Screenshots without ROOT. We’ll Show You How

July 25, 2011

The Droid Charge is a pretty neat device. You have another 4G powered smartphone, 1Ghz processor, a beautiful Super AMOLED screen with a hi-res 8mp camera and loads more bells and whistles with this phone. One thing that many still may not know about though is that the Droid Charge has the ability to take screenshots too. Why is this a big deal you might ask? Because you don’t have to have root access to do it. Many smartphone users that may have left other carriers or other smartphone to grab the Droid Charge may not be familiar with the whole root process and that’s ok. Some may not want to risk a newly purchased device and void its warranty to gain root access on their phones.

One of the perks of having root access was to be able to take screenshots of whatever screen you may be on at the time. Want to show someone a cool app in the Android market with a picture? Snap a screen shot and send it to them. Me and a few friends of mine used to show off new homescreens and wallpapers back when I was using a rooted Droid 1. Since having the HTC Thunderbolt and more recently the Droid Charge, I missed that screenshooting feature. Now with the Droid Charge, taking screenshots becomes available without the use of root. Here’s how you do it.

Its actually very simple to do. Once you decide what screen you want to take a picture of, hold the back button at the bottom of the phone. Next press the “HOME” button and check your screen. A notice should pop up on the screen stating that you have taken a picture and that the picture will be placed in your screenshot folder. To make sure you have your picture, just check your gallery and look for the screenshot folder. Once you find it, you can send the shots to others or post for whatever you would like to do with it. Taking screenshots is nothing new. The iPhone has been enjoying this feature since the dawn of its creation. Now it seems that Android might be catching a glimpse of this feature that many have been hoping to get since purchasing their smartphones. But if you didn’t know before, now you do. Go nuts and send us your pictures of your screenshots. Here’s a few that I have taken of my Droid Charge below.






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  1. amber permalink
    April 22, 2012 2:23 pm

    this is fabulous. i have been trying to figure out how I am taking pictures randomly and now i know how to do it purposely. thanks!!!!!

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