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Want to score with the ladies? Blackberry shows you how

July 4, 2011

Blackberry has some of the funniest commercials that I have seen in quite some time and this is just another one to the win column. I won’t set up the video too much but Blackberry shows you that if you want to get some attention with the ladies, you might want to have a Blackberry phone in your hand. Just check out the video below and see for yourself.


See, you don’t even need a pick up line. If a girl just happens to be wearing a QR code on her necklace, you can scan it and you might get her Facebook page or her Twitter account. Or you could end up with a link to a Stalkers anonymous, who knows. The cool thing though is that this just shows you the advancements in mobile technology has made in the past 5 years. Blackberry isn’t the only phone that allows you to scan QR codes, but it is cool that they added the nice and creative way to use it.

I also liked that the lead guys buddies in the background were hating on him when he pulled out his phone to scan the girl’s QR code. Just goes to show that if you want to step ya game up, then you might need to have a phone so you can hook up with the ladies in your school… or that’s what I got from the video.

Good Job Blackberry.

-Flash, Out

Thanks Dei Tox!


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