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Gingerbread leak caught on video for the Droid Charge? Say WHAT?

June 27, 2011

After having one of our writers gang up on me (*Cough MrCapcomDS *Cough) with other followers via Twitter about the likelihood of Gingerbread coming to the Droid Charge, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that reinforces both Samsung’s commitment to bring updates to their devices and my hopes of receiving Gingerbread on my very own Droid Charge. P3Droid the Chief of Staff from MyDroidWorld got his hands on an exclusive video of the Droid Charge running a leaked version of Gingerbread. The build number was Android 2.3.3, not the 2.3.4 that will be running on most devices now. But hey, it still counts as Gingerbread in my book. On top of that, they’re video also shows off a working Netflix app running on the beautiful screen that the Droid Charge has.

This is definitely a mark in the win category for Droid Charge owners that may have been worried about not receiving Gingerbread and it being held up like the Froyo update was with the Fascinate or other Samsung android devices. Enough talking from me though, check out P3Droid’s video of Gingerbread running on the Droid Charge after the break.



Looks promising right? Now I have to be honest. I’m not sure if this is a Rom or a leaked build of Gingerbread running on the Droid Charge. Either way it looks great to have Gingerbread running on the device, Rom or not. Hopefully is a leaked build so that way all the Droid Charge users that aren’t pro root will be able to see it come to their devices.

Be sure to stop by P3Droid’s website, MyDroidWorld, and comment on the original thread. Good job finding the video guys and keep up the excellent work.

-Flash, Out

Special Thanks to P3Droid


Update: We were able to get in contact with P3Droid to find out whether the Gingerbread on the Droid Charge was a ROM and let us know that this was in fact a leaked build and not a ROM for the Droid Charge. Even better right? Now we just have to wait for Samsung and Verizon to get it together and get this out to the rest of us. Gingerbread works for the Charge, so let us have it.

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