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Apple WWDC Set to Start-Up Monday at 1:00 (PST)

June 5, 2011

We here at The Tech Messenger will have our respective ears to the ground and reporting news from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2011.

We’ve been awaiting June 6th ever since Apple announced this as the date of it’s yearly event. Even though the normal action of releasing Apple’s newest iPhone is not expected this year, Apple promises to have plenty in store:

First, Apple is keyed to announce solid dates on the release of it’s latest Mac Operating System, Mac OS X Lion. Several Alpha and Beta additions of this have been have been making their way on to Macs of developers already, but we can look forward to seeing how Mac OS X Lion will integrate with Apple’s other devices.

Second, we’ll get our first glimpse into Apple’s latest mobile Operating System, iOS 5. Rumors have been floating around that this will be Apple first complete revamp of iOS since is initial release in 2007. Better notifications, home screen widgets, dynamic icons and Exposé-style multitasking have all been rumored possibilities that could be included in this years version.

And finally, iCloud, Apple’s answer to Google Music and Amazon’s Cloud Player. We’ll have to see what’s announced, but this service is rumored to replace Apple’s failed MobileMe service and take it to the next level with access to users music, and possibly movies, on the go. Apple has been signing deal after deal (and apparently checks also) with the major record labels in time for Monday’s Keynote Address.

Apple always likes to keep an ‘ace in the hole’ when it comes to these major press events, so lets hope Apple is able to excite the media and “fan-boys” alike at Monday’s WWDC 2011.

Be sure to check back at The Tech Messenger for a break down of all the news afterwards.

Later web-heads…

– DezHuez

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  1. June 16, 2011 7:51 am

    A lot of helpfull information in this post! I will definately be returning!

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