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Men Still Won’t Ask For Directions…..Because We Have GPS Everywhere

May 3, 2011

And why would we?

Lately, we don’t have to because the number of mapping-related products is just mushrooming.With the technology in our smartphones we will never have to ask for directions again. Even in our cars we  have the Ford Sync option and GM has OnStar.

You can speak your destination to the voice response system in the car. You will have turn-by-turn directions. For smartphone owners, asking people on the street for directions is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why bother trying to remember a series of turns and landmarks when your phone can do that and more? Who needs confusing descriptions when you have satellite and street view  imagery?

Google has added Walking Navigation , a marriage of Walking Directions , turn-by-turn GPS Navigation and satellite imagery, to the newest version of Google Maps for Android.

The latest addition comes as a part of Google Maps for mobile  5.3.1 for Android. It takes walking directions, which takes advantage of pedestrian pathways, overpasses and other such things, and pairs them with turn-by-turn GPS directions and satellite imagery.

But hey guys:

When you are with a woman and she suggests you ask for directions, do not think of it as an insult. Think of it as another way you can make her happy. You will be getting the directions just to make her happy, and not because you could not figure it out on your own. Plus it gives you an opportunity to try out new technology on your phone or tablet device. Just another chance to show off.
Till next time ,
Your Fan, Mr. Harrison
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